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A small product line of banking software

Description: Each product of this product line is a software to manage a bank account, but products differ in the individual features they provide. Feature BankAccount provides a rudimentary bank account storing the current balance. Feature Overdraft indicates whether the bank allows their customers to withdraw more money from the account than actually available, if the resulting negative balance is within an overdraft limit. Feature Interest states whether the customer gets interests, and feature InterestEstimation provides a calculation of the expected interest for the current year. Feature CreditWorthiness allows the bank to assess whether a customer may get a credit of a certain amount. Finally, feature DailyLimit allows the bank to limit the daily withdrawal. All features can be combined arbitrarily except that feature InterestEstimation requires feature Interest. The product line is developed from scratch and annotated with specifications in JML.

Generator: FeatureHouse

Authors: Thomas Thüm, Jens Meinicke

Institution: University of Magdeburg

Language: Java, JML

Development tool: FeatureIDE

Number of Features: 8

Lines of code*: 0

Number of classes: 3

Number of products: 72



License: -

Upload date: 2013-04-22

Last updated: 2013-04-22

Download: BankAccount

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