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CIDE annotated composition

Description: Lampiro is an open source project to implement an XMPP instant messenger for mobile phones on the Java ME platform. It was developed with annotations for variability (using the preprocessor Antenna) from scratch. Although variability was not explicitly documented, we consider Lampiro as software product line.We only transformed existing annotations of the textual preprocessor Antenna into disciplined annotations in CIDE. It is the largest of our product lines that were developed with annotations from scratch.

Generator: CIDE

Authors: Bluendo s.r.l., Christian Kästner


Language: JAVA ME

Development tool: CIDE

Number of Features: 11

Lines of code*: 45000

Number of classes:

Number of products:




Upload date: 2012-08-12

Last updated: 2012-08-12


*calculated with SourceMonitor
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