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CIDE annotated composition

Description: The Functional Graph Library is a library of graph data structures and algorithms, but, it contrast to the Graph Product Line, it has not been developed as product line. Malte Rosenthal introduced variability by annotating the legacy code for 18 features. In parallel, the Functional Graph Library was also physically decom- posed into feature modules with FeatureHouse. With this case study, we primarily explored suitability and granularity of annotations in Haskell code.

Generator: CIDE

Authors: Martin Erwig, Malte Rosenthal


Language: CIDE

Development tool: CIDE

Number of Features: 18

Lines of code*: 2600

Number of classes: 32

Number of products:




Upload date: 2012-08-12

Last updated: 2012-08-12


*calculated with SourceMonitor
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