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CIDE annotated composition

Description: With the Arithmetic Expression Evaluator, we wanted to explore (1) suitability for Haskell code and (2) how far we can go with fine-grained annotations in CIDE. Armin Größlinger developed an arithmetic-expression evaluation for us, which Malte Rosenthal subsequently annotated at very fine granularity. Within only 460 lines of Haskell code, 25 different features were annotated. We later decomposed some of these features physically as well to compare granularity and expressive- ness.

Generator: CIDE

Authors: Armin Größlinger, Malte Rosenthal


Language: Haskell

Development tool: CIDE

Number of Features: 25

Lines of code*: 460

Number of classes:

Number of products:




Upload date: 2012-08-12

Last updated: 2012-08-12


*calculated with SourceMonitor
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