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A text-based chat application

Description: This is an application example that we created using our architecture-centric product line development approach. It allows two clients to exchange chat messages via the server, and includes some optional features, such as uploading files, saving chat history, and sending emoji. The uploaded package includes a list of product line features, a component-based architectural model, and source code. It was developed using our xLineMapper tool integrated in the ArchStudio architecture development environment. The feature traceability and conformance between product line features, architecture, and source code are automatically created and maintained by our tool.

Generator: ArchStudio (with xLineMapper)

Authors: Varun Narisetty, Cuong Cu, Yongjie Zheng

Institution: University of Missouri - Kansas City

Language: Java

Development tool: ArchStudio (with xLineMapper)

Number of Features: 8

Lines of code*: 2000

Number of classes: 30

Number of products:




Upload date: 2017-07-20

Last updated: 2017-07-20

Download: Chat

*calculated with SourceMonitor
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